Gynecology Hospitals in Rajkot, Gujarat

The concept of work-life balance suits best to the women who need to manage by maintaining the balance between her home and office needs. To fulfill all her responsibilities, sometimes her health gets neglected, which leads to many diseases. These health issues among women at all stages of her life can be treated at gynecology hospitals to provide them with the utmost care and support.

What is a Gynecology Hospitals

Gynecology Hospitals have gynecologists, surgeons, highly trained nursing staff, experienced lab professionals, and an extremely efficient emergency management team to deal with all issues of pregnant women, her unborn child, and the management of diseases specific to women.

Gynecology Hospitals in Rajkot

Puberty, maternity, and motherhood constitute a big part of a woman's life, and gynecology hospitals in Rajkot lookup to this fact. As the city is known for its warm hospitality, so are their hospitals. You can expect helpful staff, familiar experience, and even local people also help in any way they can. Rajkot has adapted the necessary technological and entrepreneurial advancements for the development of healthcare infrastructure in the city. With awareness regarding women's health around the country, gynecologists in Rajkot are also raising awareness regarding the same.
Patients from other cities/countries shall examine the places to stay, and their availability, plus a local to help them during their stay as a language might become a barrier. The treatment is highly affordable, and one shall opt for Rajkot if looking for low-cost surgeries.

Following Are The Things That You Might Need To Discuss In Gynecology Hospital:

1. Sexual History
Sometimes the gynecologists require some details to know about your history so that she can treat you with optimal care. Women have to be ready to answer several questions regarding their personal and private life. This is the part of the treatment and very beneficial for the doctor to know the correct information in order to understand the issue and suggest the appropriate scans.

The details and questions help the doctor in determining the risk factors for any infection. If they had intercourse before turning 18, then it can lead a girl more susceptible to disease because the cervical-vaginal junction is more pronounced when they are younger. On the contrary, having more partners can also increase the potential for exposure. Some STDs also increase the risk for infertility, and if she knows it better before she can handle it with care if any fertility issue arises in the future.

2. Urinary or Fecal Leakage
Many women experience urinary or fecal incontinence after they deliver a baby through normal vaginal delivery. This situation can be very stressful and take a toll on your quality of life. This is because, at the time of vaginal delivery, you might have needed forceps or a vacuum. When women enter menopause, these symptoms get worsen. Therefore depending on nature and talking frankly openly to your gynecologist, they can guide you with better medical or surgical treatments to minimize your problem as soon as possible.

3. Libido
Libido means sexual desire. Sometimes, women face the problem of low libido because of things outside their control, like stress, work pressure, etc. Sometimes after many years of relationship, you are not spontaneous as you were in your early stage. In these circumstances, the gynecologist can make recommendations to help you naturally increase your libido and refer you to an appropriate counselor. 

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Below is the list of hospitals that boast among the best gynecology hospitals in Rajkot.

Tejas Fertility Clinic

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1, Jayraj Plot, Ghyanshyam Bhavan, Near Santosh Dairy Street, Palace Road, Rajkot-360001

Tejas Fertility Clinic is a Gynecology/Obstetrics Clinic in Rajkot Millpara, Rajkot. The clinic is visited by gynecologist like Dr. Rajesh P Gorasia.

  • IVF-ET (In VITRO Fertilization)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Normal & High Risk Pregnancy
  • Female Infertility Evaluation Treatment