Spine Surgeries

Spine surgery in India has been growing in terms of the number of operations and technology. Before pursuing spine surgery, there are many questions to consider. Whether to opt for a non-surgical or surgical one? If surgical then it should be minimally invasive spine surgery or traditional spine surgery? 

The only two things that are proven to help a patient who is experiencing problems with their spine are surgery and time. If your body doesn’t fix it naturally, then surgery becomes the only option. Usually, the vast majority of patients with spine problems are treated in a non-surgical and conservative fashion, but many such patients do opt for spine surgery in later years. Doctors rarely recommend patients to try home exercise, medication, physical therapy, and spinal injections before considering surgery.

If the person has problems with their spinal cord and has significant weakness in limbs or leg, an arm, or if they have tried all the conservative treatments and have been unsuccessful, then direct surgery is recommended.

The complete exposure of the anatomy is involved in traditional open spine surgery. Much less of the anatomy is involved in minimally invasive spine surgery which means an easier recovery for the patient. Often the use of additional data, such as final navigations, CAT scans and 3D images is used in minimally invasive spine surgery, to accomplish the same result as traditional open surgery. Not only best spine hospitals in India but also many small and medium spine hospitals in India provide such treatment.

Whether traditional or minimally invasive, the goals are the same for the long-term; to see the same overall improvement in a halt or symptoms in degeneration. Ultimately, the procedures to result in less blood loss, lower infection rates, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery.

Surgery is a controlled trauma. Top spine surgeons in India believe in giving you maximum benefit as a patient while minimizing the trauma of surgery. So if there is a tool or technique that allows them to do that more effectively, spine surgery hospitals in India will be equipped with it. Femicure tries to offer you the best spine surgeons and hospitals.