Nutritionist/Dietitian in India

You might be knowing the current trends and waves regarding health, fitness, and wellness. These discussions revolve around weight loss and slimming. Today dieticians and nutritionists in India are busiest than ever.

A slimming/weight loss center can have many medical professionals, including dietitians, nutritionists, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, physiotherapists, trichologists, and more according to the total services they offer. As such, slimming centers also offer many basic cosmetic services other than weight loss and slimming.

Dieticians and nutritionists in India have played a key role in spreading awareness regarding weight and health. These methods and techniques don't include surgeries or anything but guarantee weight loss through exercise and healthy eating. A decade back, nutritionists or dieticians in India could often be found in gyms or such fitness-related institutions, but today there are many established and well maintained slimming/wellness clinics in our country.

Dietician and Nutritionist

People often use dieticians and nutritionists interchangeably, but they aren't the same. A little study about them will tell you the difference and the perfect option for your needs.

Nutritionists primarily work with individual clients, as professionals in food and nutrition. They advise people on how to live a more healthy lifestyle and achieve health-related goals. Nutritionists fulfill the following duties:

  • Developing the diet and exercise plan
  • Supporting clients through regular meetings
  • Tracking clients' progress and motivating them to stick to diet plans
  • Coordinating and leading the group or individual for cooking classes
  • Promoting health and nutrition by giving presentations about the importance of food nutrition
  • Assessing individuals' overall health, which also includes sleeping habits

On the other hand, dieticians go a step further. With tracking the newest diet trends and make standardized recommendations to their patients, they also develop diet and nutrition programs customized to an individual's objectives and personal needs. Dietitian's services are expanded, as they work with individual clients, and also with stakeholders within the industry. Their services include:

  • Helping individuals make healthy food choices
  • Influencing food-related policy developments
  • Educating individuals, governments, education facilities, and industries on nutrition programs.
  • Helping public and private establishments manage quality food services
  • Conducting nutrition research
  • Creating diet plans for individuals with health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies, and obesity.
  • Providing education and advice for complex nutritional requirements such as intravenous feeding, harmful nutrients, dietary supplements, food safety storage, diet and drug interactions, and more.

Nutritionists advise people on the required types and quantity of food intake to specifically increase or decrease their body weight. On the other hand, dietitians are experts who guide patients (medical patients in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) regarding the total nutritional intake. For example, a person who is recovering from a car accident would not have the same requirements compared to the person who is suffering from cancer. Dieticians are specialized in nutrition for different categories of people, especially clinical patients. Dieticians can work as Nutritionists, but Nutritionists cannot work as Dieticians as dieticians are regulated profession by Indian Dietetic Association. 

Some tips for choosing a good nutritionist/dietician in India

It would be great if you ask for referrals, they can be from your family doctor, colleagues, medical friends, and more. Referrals are different from reviews, as they came from people who work or have knowledge about the same industry.

  • Check the credentials of the professionals. This includes their qualifications, certifications, and past patient reviews. Qualifications and certifications you have to ask for, while patient reviews are something you can check online or from previous patients.
  • With the few you shortlist, ask all the doubts in your mind to them. Ask about their techniques, expected objective realization time, and more. Ask them what shall you expect from the treatment, any side effects, and also share about your preferences in foods and exercises.
  • Choosing good nutritionists and dieticians is an essential and exhaustible task. But Femicure is there for you. You can always 'contact us' for any issues or doubts regarding the website, doctor details, or more.

So, we at Femicure have taken it as a mission to provide all the slimming/weight loss treatment seekers with the best dieticians and nutritionists in India. Femicure also makes sure that necessary details regarding a doctor like their experience, qualification, specialization, and introduction is there with you. For this, the same is included in their profile. Below is the list of among the best nutritionists and dieticians who can help you.

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Dt. Neha Suryawanshi has worked with VLCC Health Care Pvt.Ltd and Snap Fitness, Mumbai.Internship from Jehangir Hospital Pune.

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