Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement in India

Is it safe to have joint replacement surgery in India? Who are the best knee or hip replacement surgeons in India? Which is the best knee or hip replacement hospital in India? Many such questions appear in your mind when you are looking for joint replacement in India.

Knee Replacement in India

For procedures like knee replacement surgery, the western world has grown very expensive. Knee replacement in India provides affordable and quality treatment, with no compromises on the results.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR), is a procedure where the bone from the surface of the knee joint and damaged cartilage is replaced with artificial components, it is also known as knee replacement surgery.

This procedure is performed on people of all ages, except children, whose bones are growing gradually. Normally the knee functions like a hinge between the femur – the tibia and fibula also the thigh bone and the lower leg bones. The articulating surfaces of these bones wear out over time because of arthritis or other such conditions that cause swelling and pain Thus, the vital goal of knee replacement is to improve quality of life, relieve pain, and improve knee function and maintain the same.

Reason to opt for Knee Replacement:

  • When all other conventional treatments like weight loss, medicines, and injections have failed to relieve the patient of disabling knee pain.
  • There are three kinds of arthritis: the most common cause of knee pain and limitation in morbidity is arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Post-traumatic arthritis.
Candidates for Knee Replacement

If you have disabling knee stiffness and pain, knee deformity, are otherwise healthy, and if all other conventional treatments have not worked or helped, then you are a candidate for knee replacement.

There are 3 techniques used for the surgery:

  • Traditional Knee Replacement
  • Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement
  • Computer Navigated Knee Replacement
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Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Replacing the hip joint that has been worn or damaged by injury or arthritis with artificial hip parts or implants (prosthesis), this all involved in hip replacement surgery.

The prosthesis substitutes for the hip joint allowing frictionless and smooth movement. The goal of hip replacement is to increase the mobility, get relieved from pain and ensure function of a damaged hip joint. Hip Replacement is also advised for hip arthritis in patients older than 65 years and with patients with the destruction of the hip or advanced hip altered anatomy.
Through an incision made along the side of the hip, hip replacement is done. The upper end of the thigh bone which is round in shape is replaced and cut with the implant's components. It may be stabilized without or with cement. The surface of the hip joint which has to receive the ball component (often damaged because of arthritis) is made smooth and with evenness by the surgeon so that the new metal socket can be cemented properly. The socket and the new ball of the joint are then joined.

The following are the most common indications:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Childhood diseases of the hip
  • Avascular necrosis
  • Bone tumours
Treatment options:
Nonsurgical treatment options are:
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain medications
  • Glucocorticoid injections into the joint, anti-rheumatics and other medications that are beneficial
Surgical treatment alternatives include:
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Hip Fusion
  • Hip Osteotomy
  • Resection Arthroplasty
Candidates for Hip Replacement

If you are suffering from severe pain, a deformity at the hip joint or decreased range of motion and other medical and conservative treatments like physiotherapy have failed, replacement of the hip joint is the option.

If you have had a hip injury, bone loss, bone tumour due to avascular necrosis (insufficient blood supply) or are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the surgeon may advise replacement of the hip joint.

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ACL reconstruction

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is the strong band of tissue connecting (thigh bone) the femur to the (lower leg bone) tibia passing diagonally through deep inside the knee joint. It is meant to bring stability at the knee that helps to control the side to side and to and form motion at the knee joint.

An ACL reconstruction is arthroscopic surgery to rebuild the torn ligament (ACL) using the grafts that are harvested from the tendon stationed at some other part of the knee. ACL surgery is indicated in ligament injury that occurs most frequently with the sudden twisting movement or overextension at the knee joint as a result of mostly the combative sports like basketball, soccer, football etc. The main purpose of ACL reconstruction surgery is to restore the knee function and stability and of the injured ligament.

The ACL tear, being the indication for the ACL reconstruction, occurs due to both non-contact and contact mechanism.
Contact Mechanism:
  • Falling on an extended knee.
  • Playing with the foot planted on the ground and getting blow/hit on the lateral side of the knee.
Noncontact Mechanism:
  • Changing directions or twisting suddenly quickly with the foot planted on the ground.
  • Stopping suddenly with slightly bent or legs overextended.
  • Improper landing after jumping from an extreme height.
  • Missing a step while descending or climbing the staircase.
Treatment options

ACL can be managed by either of the following options;

  • Conservative Management
  • Rehabilitation Program
  • Protective Bracing
Surgical options:
  • Surgical Repair of ACL
  • Reconstruction Surgery
The tendon graft can be harvested from two tissue that includes;
  • Patella tendon graft
  • Hamstring tendon graft

Due to participation in high impact activities or if there is a disabling or instability in the knee with the frequent episodes of buckling while walking or other knee activity, if knee joints are injured, if there is no relief in symptoms after treatments and therapies, the candidate is considered for ACL reconstruction surgery.

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