Editorial Policy

Femicure aims to provide readers, users and visitors with valuable information in the field of infertility, pregnancy, cosmetics treatments, joint replacement, slimming, IVF, dentistry and other associated health sectors. Our editorial team is a trustable and reliable source of information. We at Femicure are loyal and dedicated in providing readers with the most reliable, valuable and authentic information. Our blogs and content are for everyone and its basic motto is giving an overall information and not a self-treatment method or an individualised data. As you will go through our website content you will find appropriate information for your respective case, which after consulting with doctor can be applied in your situation. We humbly request you to not opt or diagnose any type of disease or condition by just reading about it on internet (including our website content). No website can replace a doctor and human intelligence, so self-treatment should be avoided. The content on Femicure articles and reads is only for informational purpose and never take it as an alternative for medical advice. Please read the below sections to understand our content policies.

Editorial Selection of Original Content

Femicure aims at providing quality content with reference to the below-mentioned aspects of content:

Relevance: Our website content will always be relevant in terms of medicine and science regarding IVF, Infertility, Gynecology, Joint Replacement, Dentistry, Bariatrics, Cosmetic Surgery and other such topics. In the future, if we add more healthcare services, for sure our website will have content for them too. We include definition, causes, treatments, presentational measures, history, currents new, trends, in total everything about these topics.

Clinic Significance: Every word we write is written after intensive research. We look up to sources like Health and Wellness (H&W) journals, top hospitals and doctors, (H&W) academical material, health encyclopedias and even news articles. Some of our blogs are even inspired or written by H&W service providers. We believe in presenting useful medical content for our users, readers and visitors.

Trends: Health trends are addition on our website which we add/update from time to time to keep readers aware of several aspects of medicine. They include but are not limited to healthy living, newly introduced medications and medical techniques.

Illegitimate Material: We don’t promote Gender Selection or Commercial Surrogacy, so please don’t look for such content in our website. Remember the above options are punishable by law in India. Apart from that Femicure in all ways possible, strives to stay away from any content that is not legitimate or not ethical.

Content of Femicure

Our website’s content will always align with the topics we have mentioned above. It will be unique and created in a language that all users, readers and visitors of these websites can understand and comprehend. Through the course of time, Femicure content will be perceived as an authoritative source of information in the healthcare industry.

Editorial Integrity

At Femicure we believe in creating and following clear transparency between reviews, medical content as well as clinic and doctor information to maintain the editorial integrity.

Editorial Independence

Femicure keeps complete control over the content published on the website or. We are completely responsible for accuracy, objectivity as well as fairness of the content.

Journalistic Excellence

Femicure has fixed and strict principles for collecting, reviewing, and publishing content on the website. Readers shall have excellent reading and knowledge gaining experience. Our content is aimed to be useful for readers visiting the website.

Editorial Policy of Femicure

Femicure is a reliable source of information, from general to advance level in the field of IVF, Infertility, Bariatrics, Gynecology, Joint Replacement, Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry and other related fields. Patients, consumers, and readers are our prime users of information. Our content is completely free of third-party advertisements and related sources. The editorial staff at Femicure is choosing reliable and trustworthy sources of information to present accurate and original medical content. The team also strives to maintain professional standards and offer detailed coverage for the content as well.

Unique Content Process

Queries which we received by everyone will be answered with the information and advice from a professional expert’s source of information material. References for creating final content are taken from medical journals, latest trends, and health organization reports. Every published content goes through deep analysis by senior editors as well. Editors also check for the style, punctuation, grammar as well as readability. However please note that none of the healthcare professionals are on Femicure payrolls (nor the company pays them anything in return) so as to avoid any hindrances related to the company’s independence to provide ethical and authentic data to its users.

Educational Collaborations

We aim to educate readers and visitors on the website so the content created and posted for the website is thoroughly reviewed and approved by experts. It is when that after getting green signal the content is considered for posting.