Hair Transplant Doctors in India

Hair transplant in India is among the growing treatments in India. Domestic, as well as international patients alike, are the reason for its success. Hair transplant doctors/surgeons in India are in high demand and growing as well. Today beautification/fixing of natural disorders in oneself has become very common. More than a trend, it has become a necessity today to beautify oneself. Hair loss, no matter in men or women, is a nightmare. They will try to do anything to stop it or grow back their natural hair. A hair transplant is one of the effective options for them.

Hair Transplant Surgeon in India

Hair transplant surgeons in India are recognized worldwide, Indian doctors cater to foreign as well as domestic patients. Their expertise, experience, and dedication have resulted in their increased positive and reliable reputation. India is a land of opportunities, and one can find several doctors for every treatment. Top hair transplant surgeons in India have never been easier to find. This is because of online platforms like us, where you can check their complete info without even visiting them. The surgeon you choose must have excellent understanding, skills, and knowledge of all the aspects of the procedure.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon

It's a tough task to choose among the best hair transplant surgeons in India. You might get several reviews and advice from your friends, family, and other known people. Below we have mentioned some of the points to look for in a professional before choosing him/her over others.

  • The Qualifications of the Surgeon - The qualifications of your hair transplant surgeon must be approved from the MCI (Medical Council of India). It would be best if you only choose the certified plastic & cosmetic surgeons- who are allowed to perform the procedure. Their expertise and specialty in hair transplant surgery is a result of many years of experience. The surgeon must have accreditation from the national and international societies like ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. The MS and M Ch degree is a compulsion along with other cosmetic surgery proficiency.
  • The Hair Transplant Experience - Hair transplant is not a different topic and comes under cosmetic surgery as a part of the plastic & cosmetic surgery. A surgeon's experience and expertise can be assumed from the number of hair transplant surgeries they have had in their career. Every surgeon earns credibility by performing several aesthetic hair transplant surgeries. A surgeon who has more than 7-8 years of experience and has made a good positive reputation by providing several successful results, he should be given priority for the procedure.
  • The Aesthetic Skills and Understanding - To perform the hair transplant surgery, the surgeon must possess the necessary set of skills and the required proficiency in terms of fulfilling the aesthetic job of the procedure. Surgeon's aesthetic skills are rated based on making hairline design, slit formation, and implantation of the grafts into the scalp of the recipient. These skills are the surgeon's own credentials he earns through the several surgeries in all the years of their excellence in the same field. This is an artistic concern that comes only after years of practical experience in the area.
  • The logical decision ability - The consistent decision ability of the surgeon is tested by how they use their skills and understanding to use the available donor area in the best possible manner. It should be used in a way that they could be saved for future sitting and also fulfill the immediate requirement with the best viable extraction of the hair roots.

So, we at Femicure have taken it as a mission to provide all the hair transplant treatment seekers with the best hair transplant clinics and surgeons in India. Femicure also makes sure that necessary details regarding a doctor like their experience, qualification, specialization, and introduction is there with you. For this, the same is included in their profile. Below is the list of among the best hair transplant surgeons who can help you.