Correction Policy

We at Femicure are always dedicated to providing you with the best and most accurate content and information. So, from time to time, on self-evaluation or through information or suggestion from our users, or authorities or listed service providers, we will be changing or amending certain content. Note: This will be done solely on our will and won’t be notifying to anyone regarding it.

Generally, these changes mostly are grammatical or lingual. The editorial team will make the required corrections. On the finding of the error, it’s our primary focus to revise/correct it. This can take up to 5 days or more. In this time frame, we will have to check the caching issues, certain website protocols and sometimes even the permission. You need to note that this correction policy does any featured content. It only applies to the original content of Femicure. For the featuring content or any other type of third-party content, it will be the publisher’s responsibility to correct it.

If you, our respected and beloved reader or visitor feel that certain corrections are needed to be done then do let us know about it. You can ‘contact us’, we believe in a humble and modest approach.