Advertising Policy

Currently Femicure doesn’t accept advertising. This includes third party websites or companies, and their banners, links, microsites or modules. Below we have mentioned Femicure advertisement policies and they are applicable for our website as well as social media platforms:

We don’t accept any kind of advertisement proposal.

No third-party banners, quick links or product placements.

  • Femicure makes sure that no user is misled on visiting the website for gaining knowledge or information about their respective treatments and needs.

  • There’s no type of commitment between our listed service providers and us to promote or advertise any kind of products or services. (This means if any of our listed service providers promote or advertise anything, it is their individual activity and we shouldn’t be assumed to be included.)

  • Femicure agrees that there is a difference between advertising and editorial content and strives constantly to maintain a margin between both as per requirement. For now, we aren’t engaged with any commercial tie-up for such content.
Advertising Policy Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints about any of Femicure advertising policies, then you can contact us.