Maternity Hospitals in Pune, Maharashtra

A couple's life changes when they get pregnant. It's an entirely different phase of their married life and the dawn of a new future. Towards the onset of the third trimester, the couples start to think about maternity hospitals according to their requirements. Maternity hospitals in Pune are equipped with the latest technology and skilled doctors. 

Maternity Hospital

Maternity hospitals can provide several services like pregnancy monitoring, childbirth, pediatrics, infertility treatment, and more. Maternity hospitals are also a place of learning for students of midwifery and obstetrics. Primarily maternity hospitals are for childbirth, take care of women in days before pregnancy, and take care of women and children for a few days after pregnancy. Obstetricians or Ob-Gyn can head maternity hospitals.

Obstetricians are also known as maternity doctors. They take care of childbirth, and the woman and the child during the few days prior and after the delivery. Gynecologists take care of all health-related issues for females. An Ob-Gyn is a doctor who is obstetrician as well as gynecologist. Earlier maternity hospitals were sub-specialty hospitals that were in the form of cottage hospitals. Today, many large hospitals have maternity departments. In this section of maternity hospitals in Pune, you will find maternity hospitals as well as maternity departments of other hospitals. 

Maternity hospitals in Pune

Maternity hospitals in Pune are well equipped, boasts expert and experienced personnel, and the latest technology. Pune is a high rise city and provides a pleasant and comfortably relaxed atmosphere. Visitors find it easy and helpful in releasing stress and staying calm. The city even boasts many beautiful sceneries. The city is Maharashtra's second most populous city as well. The healthcare facilities are maintained up to the mark. Many neighboring towns and districts residents visit the city for treatments. The city is still developing as compared to the likes of Delhi and Mumbai, and that's the reason for its treatment being more affordable.

Care for Newborns at Maternity Hospitals

Maternity hospitals in Pune meet all the standards and requirements for the care of newborns in premises. Newborns are vulnerable and need special attention to keep them healthy and safe. They are taken care of in the following ways:

  • Providing warmth for the newborn
    The care starts at the time of delivery itself. The newborn baby is wet from the amniotic fluid, so they need to be dry by using warm blankets and heat lamps. If required, they might be cleaned with warm water too.
  • Immediate care for the newborn
    After cleaning them nicely, the health assessments start immediately. Today a new baby is tested for several diseases, deformities, and conditions. One of these checks is the Apgar test; it is a scoring system to evaluate the state of the newborn at 1 minute and 5 minutes after birth.     Evaluation of the following signs is made: 
    • Activity; muscle tone
    • Pulse rate
    • Grimace; reflex irritability
    • Appearance; skin color
    • Respiration
  • Physical exam of the newborn in the delivery room
    A physical examination of the child's physical health is done. After that, in a few next minutes or hours, the other procedures are done. Examination includes:
    • Checking temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate
    • Measurement of weight, length, and head circumference
    • Cord care
    • Bath
    • Eyecare
    • Footprints
  • If a baby has trouble after birth
    The baby's body systems shall work a new way after birth, but sometimes a baby has trouble in making this transition. There are signs to look for and ensure if the baby is having any problem. The staff will work together to help the baby clear excess fluid and start breathing. Babies who are born prematurely or who are born with a difficult delivery, are more prone to have a defect, condition, or any other issue. 

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