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    8 Years Experience

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    Baramati, Pune

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About Dr. Ashish Jalak

Dr. Ashish Jalak (Shri Chaitanya Hospital) in Baramati Ho, Baramati has been serving to offer end-to-end gynaecological treatments to women. From treating various gynaecological conditions in women to conducting periodical check-ups to keep a track of health, the gynaecologist provides complete care and treatment. This healthcare centre is located at a convenient spot in Baramati Ho. Its location at Baramati Indapur Road, Harikrupa Nagar make it easy to spot the clinic without any hassles. This prominent location enables patients from the area as well as other parts of the city to visit and consult the doctor.Dr. Ashish Jalak (Shri Chaitanya Hospital) in Baramati Ho, Baramati has a well-equipped healthcare facility with modern equipment to support better treatment of patients. There are separate waiting and consultation areas which allow enough space for patients to wait conveniently at the premises. A specialized gynaecologist, the doctor helps women in understanding the actual cause of various gynaecological issues and prescribes the best treatments for the same. Also, keeping in mind how stress has a direct impact on health, the doctor also suggests ways and means to keep stress at bay and enjoy a healthier life.

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Near M.E.S. English School, Deshpande Estate, Indapur Road, Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra - 413102

Dr. Ashish Jalak Clinics

Shree Chaitanya Test Tube Baby Centre

  • Services

    Ovum Donation/ Sharing

    Advanced IVF/Advanced ART

    Semen Analysis

    DNA Fragmentation Test

    Advanced Laproscopy

    Advanced endoscopy

    Colposcopy Examination

    Egg and Embryo Donation

    Intrauterine insemination - IUI


  • Location:

    Baramati, Pune

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